Back Facials

Back Facials

Back Facials

Skincare should not be limited to your neck and face, your back surely needs some pampering, too! During summer time, you are likely getting to show off some parts of your back. Our backs, in particular, can be a region of skin distress like dryness, irritation and acne. It would be best if you gave your back the same pampering as you give your neck and face, particularly during summer months. Sweat and contact with various fabrics can also cause rashes, irritation and acne breakouts. So, you should treat yourself to back facials at SGlowic and unearth the numerous benefits such treatment has to provide.

A back facial is a treatment that consists of exfoliation, deep cleansing and extractions. And it is well performed on your back in your spa by us at SGlowic.

In a back facial, we will apply creams and steam to clean and exfoliate your skin before removing debris and oil. It typically starts with a gentle steaming to lift impurities and open pores, followed by a deep exfoliation and cleansing. The treatment ends with a shoulder massage and a therapeutic mask.

A back facial can help to clear clogged pores by toning, nourishment and exfoliation. It is an effective way of exfoliating an area that you cannot treat on your own. Both women and men get a back facial to eliminate back acne. However, you can still get back facial even if you don’t have back acne, because it can again moisturize and exfoliate your skin. Surprisingly, a back facial follows the same steps as a conventional facial.

Getting a good back facial helps to remove bothersome acne scars and exfoliates your skin. It is an excellent treatment that targets your elbow and back resembling the traditional techniques used on your face.


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