Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels

Since the inception of chemical peels, many women have used them to improve their skin. Those who suffer from aging skin, discoloration, uneven skin texture and tone and even acne have all found relief with a chemical peel treatment. If you haven’t had a chemical peel performed before, you may be understandably nervous and curious about the procedure. You’ll find that the procedures that we do here at SGlowic are safe for all skin types and effective in improving your skin.

A chemical peel is an acid solution applied to the face to remove the outermost layer or layers of skin. The skin crusts, scales, and peels over several days. The new skin that grows in its place is softer, smoother, and has fewer imperfections. Upon your first visit at Sglowic we will talk to you about a customized treatment plan that best suits your needs.

Here at Sglowic, we realize that the way you look and feel is most important. When we make you look good – we look good. With our full line of services and products, there’s nothing we can’t do.


Frequently Asked Questions

Chemical peeling agents resurface the skin by inducing a controlled wound and thus removing superficial layers of the skin. As a result, chemical peels promote the growth of a new healthy top skin layer and improve skin problems like hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven texture and skin impurities.
Recovery times will vary based on the type and strength of the peel. Immediately after the peel, your skin will feel tight and may be red. Any visible peeling will be light and fluffy and easily controlled with moisturizer. Peeling usually lasts 3-5 days, depending on the actual peel treatment. Use of gentle cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen is important, as it will enhance the healing process and results. Normal activity may be resumed after the peel, however strenuous exercise and heavy sweating should be avoided for 2-3 days. Sun exposure should be avoided while skin is peeling; exposure of treated skin to a lot of heat should also be avoided as it may induce swelling, redness and for deeper peels blisters under the skin. Peeling skin should be allowed to slough off naturally; picking or peeling of flaking skin is prohibited, as it may lead to scarring. Use of prescription topicals should be avoided for 3-5 days post peel.
Some degree of redness is expected after any type of chemical peel procedure. The extent of redness varies from person to person. Your face may appear redder than usual for some time after the treatment and completely resolves after the peeling is complete.
One week prior to your treatment you must not wax, use any depilatory creams or have any laser treatments or electrolysis performed. 2-3 days before your treatment stop using topical prescriptions, Retin-A, Tazorac, BHA’s & AHA’s or benzyl peroxide. Any cosmetic facial treatments including laser, fillers or surgery should be completely resolved and healed before having a chemical peel.

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