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Get smooth, touchable skin that lasts with laser hair removal at S Glowic in Plano, TX. We offer quick, easy, and extremely effective treatments to permanently reduce unwanted hair. It can safely treat all areas of the body, allowing you to focus less on the hassle of shaving and waxing, and more on you.

Laser Hair Removal (also know as Laser Hair Reduction) uses specially designed laser technology to permanently remove unwanted hair. The laser emits a gentle beam of light over the area where you want the hair removed. The light destroys the hair follicle, preventing any future hair growth. Only the hair follicles will absorb the light, leaving the surrounding skin unharmed and undamaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

The number one answer to this question is the longevity of results you receive when you opt of for laser hair removal – hair removed forever! On average other methods last anywhere 1 – 3 days with shaving, 3 – 7 days with depilatory creams, 2 – 4 weeks with waxing or use of a epilator, and forever with laser hair removal!
Small Areas include: Areola, Bikini (standard bikini line), Between the Brows, Cheeks, Chin, Ears, Feet & Toes, Happy Trail, Hands & Fingers, Lip (upper or lower), Back of Neck, Perineum, Sideburns, Underarms Medium Areas Include: Abdomen, Arms (upper & lower), Back (lower), Breast & Front of Neck, Bikini (Brazilian or full), Chest, Face (lower woman), Legs (upper or lower), & Shoulders Large Areas include: Full Arms, Full Legs, Back, Back & Shoulders
We typically recommend 6 treatments to see the best results. This can take about 6 to 8 moths to complete. Maintenance treatments may be required every few years in order to keep results.
The laser has a built in cooling mechanism to prevent the feeling of heat on the skin, but you will feel the laser when it targets the hair follicles under the skin. Patients generally describe the feeling as being snapped with a rubber band. Some may experience erythema or swelling of hair follicles that will typically subside in less than 24 hours after treatment. Topical hydrocortisone may be applied if there is any itching or irritation. Keep in mind during your treatment that it’s not uncommon to smell the treated hair follicles during the treatment.

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